Private Real Estate

Private Real Estate

What is Private Real Estate?

Private real estate offerings come in a variety of strategies and structures and typically involve income-generating properties such as residential, storage, and industrial buildings. These investments can offer investors a range of benefits, such as capital growth, stable cash flows, and access to select real estate opportunities that are not available otherwise.

Why Private Real Estate?

  • Strong income and return potential
  • Potential for capital growth and hedge against inflation
  • Low correlation to publicly traded securities
  • Lower volatility as the asset is not subject to day-to-day stock market volatility

Who Invests in Private Real Estate?

Institutional investors such as pension funds and endowments have been investing in private real estate for decades due to its defensive nature and history of attractive long-term returns. Retail investors often have limited exposure to private investments due to factors such as accredited investor requirements and high investment minimums.

Where does Private Real Estate fit?

Private Real Estate can be a viable complement to publicly traded securities in different investment portfolios, ranging from income-oriented to growth-oriented. When used appropriately, private real estate can diversify the overallrisk-return profile of an investment portfolio. Your Advisor can guide you in deciding.