Private Credit

Private Credit

What is Private Credit?

Private Credit is broadly defined as negotiated loans that take place outside of the traditional bank network and are held by private companies. Being able to provide investors with more senior secured positions in the capital stack has made private lending an attractive option for portfolio diversification.

Why Private Credit?

  • Enhanced diversification driven by low correlations with publicly traded securities
  • Lower volatility as the asset is not subject to day-to-day volatility in the public stock markets
  • Strong income and return potential

Who Invests in Private Credit

Private Credit has been broadly used by institutional investors in their portfolios for decades. Retail investors often have limited exposure to private investments due to factors such as accredited investor requirements, high investment minimums, and limited availability.

Where does Private Credit fit?

Private Credit can serve as a viable complement to a range of investment portfolios. When used appropriately, private credit can diversify the overall risk-return profile of an investment portfolio. Your Advisor can guide you in deciding the optimal allocation of private credit within your portfolio based on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and objectives.