Affinity Multi Family Office

Affinity Financial Group’s premiere service offering designed to simplify the most complex financial lives

Affinity Multi Family Office

Best Serving Families with liquid assets in excess of $5 Million and/or in excess of $10 Million total net worth.

A multi family office is a dedicated multi disciplinary team of professionals who look after your family’s complex financial and human capital needs. The family office oversees and manages your financial affairs and maintains your financial information and records. It provides customized services and supports the family to sustain and grow wealth.

We do this by maximizing your financial resources through integrated planning; providing peace of mind that financial opportunities and priorities are being taken care of; helping you to articulate your family values to create the best financial and non-financial legacy. Your family can rely on a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary professionals with Affinity Financial Group. *Certain resources will be outsourced.

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Included Services for clients that qualify for The Affinity Multi Family Office offering

Asset Management

  • Sophisticated portfolio design and reporting
  • Objective and independent investment selection
  • Preferred pricing and no hidden commissions.
  • Exclusive strategies to Affinity Financial Group clientele.
  • Tax deductible advisory fees.
  • Online account access
  • US citizen and US resident asset management

Integrated Planning

  • Comprehensive goal setting
  • Business advisory and corporate structure planning
  • Financial statement and business performance analysis
  • Corporate and personal cash flow planning
  • Tax strategy and year end tax packages
  • Legal, wills, trusts, and estate planning
  • Risk management and insurance planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Philanthropic planning

Wealth Administration

  • Affinity Vault: Secure cloud data storage
    • Financial statements and tax documents
    • Wills & Estate Planning Documents
    • Insurance policies
    • Real Estate documents (deed, title, insurance etc)
    • Legal documents (Shareholder agreements, contracts etc)
  • Tax compliance and filing (subject to conditions)
  • Year end tax package
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Cashflow projections and administration
  • Private banking referral
  • Accounting and bookkeeping ( subject to conditions)
  • Trust administration services
  • Task calendar

Family Engagement and Well Being

  • Affinity health check
    • Taking control of your health with a private health assessment
  • Family governance framework
  • Family financial education
  • Preparing next generation for managing wealth