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Affinity Financial Group is an independent, boutique advisory firm

Unfortunately, the industry is not structured to benefit the interests of clients, but rather the institutions and shareholders in which they work. Affinity Financial Group is an independent, boutique advisory firm. 

We pride ourselves as an objective and unconflicted source of advice. Amid an industry driven by sales targets, products and conflicts of interest, Affinity is an ally you can trust. We offer a comprehensive approach to custom investment management and integrated wealth advice.

Graduate To Investing Without Limits

We strive to execute an innovative portfolio design that reflects a sophisticated, evolved, and modern portfolio.

Canada is respected around the world for its pension plans and the sophistication of their investment approach. However, Canadians have had a dilemma in typically being exposed to proprietary products focused on public stocks and bonds.

Affinity Financial Group’s core approach has been built to mirror a modern portfolio design which reflects Institutions, Pensions, Endowment, and Ultra High Net Worth investment strategies.

Affinity Multi Family Office

Affinity Financial Group’s premiere service offering designed to simplify the most complex financial lives.

* For qualified families and individuals.

Accumulated wealth involves endless details, decisions, and interests to align. Having a team you can trust—someone to orchestrate the many moving parts, someone who can translate your goals into action is the proposition of the Affinity Multi Family Office. Think of us as the CFO for your financial affairs. We ensure all the moving pieces are aligned and working together. From accounting, corporate structures, business advisory, legal, insurance, philanthropic initiatives, investment portfolio design, data storage, and succession strategy. Your affluence should enrich your life, not complicate it. We are here to help.

Affinity Private Wealth

The Affinity Private Wealth offering elevates the level of execution and performance related to your financial affairs.

* For qualified families and individuals.

Affinity Private Wealth Clients are often experiencing the challenges of accumulated wealth. They are looking to upgrade into a more integrated and customized approach to wealth management that better reflects their affluence. They seek a more appropriate portfolio design and a higher level of organization related to their financial lives.

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Affinity Accumulation

Very few individuals or families start with accumulated wealth. Most must endure the hard work / accumulation phase of building wealth.

Affinity’s team can provide expert guidance to set you on the right path. Our scale allows us to offer solutions that might not otherwise be available at this stage of your financial life.

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Affinity Financial Group was founded as a team of independent advisors. Get to know us.

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