Family Office

Planning is an on going process. It requires time and attention. Often there is a point where your business or practice requires your full time focus. There are also those that realize the planning detail is important but don’t want to be responsible for the day to day documentation and implementation that may be required.

The concept of “a family office” gives you the capability to delegate those financial items that you don’t have the time or the desire to do. You want to be able to turn to one person who is your liaison to all your professional advisors, your bank and CRA. You can custom design a service that could include:

  • Manage your insurance portfolio
  • Manage your family trust and document transactions
  • Manage holding company and document transactions
  • Monitor your sources for cash – record inter corporate dividends, personal dividends, trust allocations
  • Assistance with bill payments
  • Monitor tax installments
  • Provide detailed income information (corporate or trust dividends, investment income) at year end to accountants
  • Monitor the year end process
  • Advise on and assistance to implement wills, family trusts, holdco’s or restructuring

*Insurance based investment solutions are provided through Affinity Financial Group. All other investment solutions are through Affinity Securities / Worldsource Securities Inc.