Business Solutions

As a business owner there are many potential risks that can affect the success and longevity of your business. Many of these issues can arise from unforeseen health events associated with owners and key personnel. In order to ensure the continuity of your business, consideration should be given for the following risk management strategies.


  • At Affinity Financial Group we are able to examine the corporate structure of your private company and help create a unified strategy that ties together a Buy-Sell protection plan with a shareholder agreement. The objective of this type of Risk Management strategy is to protect the longevity of a private company and its owners from adverse life events such as a disability, critical Illness or death.

Key Person / Business Overhead:

  • As the owner of a company, you often have one or several employees/managers whom are integral to the operations and success of your business. Should one of these key people leave work either temporarily or permanently due to a disability, critical illness or death, it could have a negative effect on the profitability of your business. A strategy to cover overhead expenses while getting the business back on its feet could be paramount to the ongoing financial success of the company.

Business Loan Coverage:

  • As most business owners would agree, in order to start and grow a company, business loans are often a part of the process. They may come with terms and conditions put in place by the lender. What happens if you are unable to continue working due to a health event or death? Would loan payments be missed and jeopardize your family or the business’ well-being? A sound risk management strategy is important in protecting your family and the company you have worked so hard to build. Properly structuring an insurance plan can provide tax savings and more efficient estate planning results.

*Insurance based investment solutions are provided through Affinity Financial Group. All other investment solutions are through Affinity Securities / Worldsource Securities Inc.